Jason “jMac” McClintock

I’m Jason McClintock, I have been skiing my entire life and have worked myself into the 5th spot in the World in Slalom skiing, number 1 in Canada and have earned the Canadian National Record in Slalom of 5@41 off.  My best professional finishes are, 2nd at the TO Pan Am Games in 2015, 3rd at the US Masters in 2016, 3rd at the California Pro Am in 2017, and my most recent being a 3rd at the 2017 World Championships  in France.  Although I am still hard at my own training, my focus has shifted as my family has grown.  I now dedicate my summers to my family ski school, McClintock’s Water Ski School, and have helped shaped many of the up and coming Ontario skiers who have made strong showings at the Canadian Nationals the last few years!

Water skiing is a family sport, and that goes well outside true blood relatives. Our community as a whole is a family, which is what makes long weekends at tournaments so enjoyable. KRV takes that feel of community and utilizes it in their business plan. KRV is not out just to sell you cloths and hats, KRV gives back to the community that helps them thrive.

Jaimee Bull

Jaimee Bull grew up on a public lake in Northern Ontario where her family introduced her to skiing at a young age.  Chasing her older brother, Jaret Bull, Jaimee quickly became passionate about competing in the sport of waterskiing. In 2017, Bull continued skiing in the junior division becoming the Junior Masters Champion but she also began her transition into the pro ranks, placing third at the Open World Championships. 

Sean Kraus

Sean Kraus trains at Shalom Park, in Edmonton, Alberta, and is a top water skier in the U17 Division in Canada, having joined Team Canada for numerous events over the years, including Pan Ams and Can Ams. Sean is currently training with plans to make the 2017 Junior World Team. Sean has achieved many athletic accomplishments in Slalom, Trick and Jump, ranking top 10 in the country in Elite Men Tricks and top 5 in the country in U17 Slalom. Sean is currently ranked second overall in Canada in the U17 division. Sean will graduate from High School in 2020 and begin collegiate waterskiing at one of the top Universities in the USA.

I am pumped to be part of the “Collective” because it is a company that not only shares a common interest with me but is willing to take a chance on backing a young athlete such as myself.

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